Classic Shows From Ray Oxley

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At Radioshed Productions, we're really excited to bring you a collection of shows from our friend and fellow presenter Ray Oxley. There are four shows in total and they are all available as complete collections.

We think they'll be great for radio stations that cater for older audiences, whose musical tastes cover the 60's, 70's and 80's'.

Although the files are in 96K MP3 format, the sound quality is perfectly acceptable for radio use and there are a lot of stations already broadcasting Ray's shows.

If you'd like to listen to them, we have samples of each show to share with you and we're pleased to be able to distribute these shows on Ray's behalf. So if you are interested, please contact us by email at

The Golden Years With Ray Oxley


Join presenter Ray Oxley for a nostalgic look back at the news and music from a specific year between 1953 and 1995. The news clips in each show come from BBC News and other news sources such as Pathe for some of the older years.

It's a great show and will bring back lots of memories for the listener. Each show is 55-56 minutes long and there are 45 shows in the whole collection.

In Concert

"In Concert" is a complete collection of 132 one hour concert performances, each featuring highlights of live shows from a wide variety of artists and groups. The collection includes The Bee Gees, Dire Straits, Elton John, The Corrs, Russell Watson, Rod Stewart and many many more.

Each Show is 55-57 minutes long.

The Comedy Hour With Ray Oxley

Join presenter Ray Oxley for an hour of classic comedy sketches and great music. A guaranteed smile or your money back! Perfect for any time of day.

Each show is 55-56 minutes long and there are 48 shows in the whole collection with 4 Christmas specials.

The Chart Show With Ray Oxley

Available as a complete collection of 60 shows and covering the Top 20 Charts from various dates in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Ray selects a date and takes us on a journey from 20 down to the number 1 selling single of that week's chart.

It's a great listen and packed full of musical memories! Each show is 55-57 minutes long.

Contact us now for samples of each show!