Samples of our shows

Here are some samples of the six shows that we produce here at Radioshed Productions. If you'd like to sign up to receive any of these shows for your station, please email or use the contact form on our website.

After HoursRadioshed Productions
Back To The 80's.png
Simply EightiesRadioshed Productions
Dancing Through The Decades SampleRadioshed Productions
Rock Solid New Logo.png
Rock SolidRadioshed Productions
I Love The SeventiesRadioshed Productions
Electric CityRadioshed Productions
Mixcloud Logo.PNG

In addition to our dedicated Dropbox service, all of our shows are available to enjoy each week on Mixcloud.

Just click on the button to head to the Mixcloud website and start exploring!

In The Papers

Gsy Press 2019.jpg

On The Radio

Here is yours truly, taking part on World Radio Day on BBC Local Radio - February 13th 2019.
World Radio Day 2019BBC Local Radio